​Bill Turner
Assistant Director
Steve :Snas" Nasrallah

Vicki Fleming
Mary Jane Cobb
Roger Dunn
Road Captain

Membership Chairman
Jennifer Jeffery
Greg Ohlfs

Safety  Officer
Jeff Koch

This is for info only they are not rides.

This Friday night AmVets Post 44 on hwy 60 have their famous steak dinner for $10 starts around 5:30
you steak your way baked tater salad and desert long with a good time this is open to public but you need to get there early they go fast.

This Saturday at the AmVets post 44 for the first time the Hard Core Confederates will be putting on their All u Can Eat SPAGHETTI Dinner for $8 starts at 4:30 till 9;30 OR TILL RUN OUT if u haven't had it u need to get it they make it great.

So if on your way to plant city bike night stop in at post 44 for their bike night and eat .

All so as of now I have no rides for Aug. but keep your eyes on emails who knows what might pop up.

But remember when September comes all hell brakes lose with rides and events thru the rest of the year.

For God and Country
Thank You God Bless
ALR Road Captain

As a reminder you are a member of Post 148 first. Please attend the monthly meetings which applies to your membership:

American Legion: 2nd Monday of the Month
American Legion Auxiliary: 3rd Thursday of the Month
Sons of the American Legion: 2nd Thursday of the Month

Any questions please give me a call at 813-299-3792. Email:


Watch your e-mails for any last minute rides and changes. If you have a biking event you’d like to invite others to join in, please e-mail the details and we’ll be happy to send it to the group.

Official Rides: These are the official ALR148 rides scheduled for this month. Official rides are those rides sanctioned by our executive board. These rides count toward getting and maintaining membership as a Legion Rider. All riders are encouraged to participate if possible. These rides will be lead by the Road Captain or one of the Assistant Road Captains. Official rides support our veterans and strengthen our position in the community.

Fun Rides: These are the currently planned fun rides, though more may come up at any time. Fun rides are not sanctioned by the executives, and your participation is optional. These rides may be organized and lead by anyone. Schedules and routes are subject to change, depending on the weather, the leader, and the whim of the group that’s riding. These typically focus on scenic backroads and good watering holes. In the event of a conflict between a fun ride and an official ride, the official ride takes precedence.

Flag Placement On Motorcycles


US Flag Only: If only the US Flag is on your bike, it should either be at the center, or to its "marching right" - on the right side of the motorcycle to the rider's perspective when facing forward.

US Flag And One Other Flag Of Any Type: If the US Flag is on your bike with another, it should be to its "marching right" - on the right side of the motorcycle to the rider's perspective. If the other flag is that of another nation, it should be the same size and at the same height of the US Flag - NO flag should ever be displayed higher than the US Flag.

US Flag And More Than One Other Non-National Flag: If the US Flag is on your bike with several other non-national flags (POW/MIA, ALR, Eagles, Service Banners, etc.) , it should be at center and higher than any of the other flags.

US Flag And More Than One Flag Including Those Of Other Nations: If the US Flag is displayed on your bike with those of any other nation, the flags should be same size and at the same height, with the US Flag to marching right (right side of the vehicle), and others arranged in alphabetical order to the left. Other flags should be arranged in order of decreasing importance - Nations first, states (in order of admittance) and territories second, military third (in order of establishment), and then any others. Again, no flag should fly higher than the US Flag, but the US Flag should be no higher than that of any other nation’s displayed.

Assistant Sgt-At-Arms
Wendy Ohlfs
Susie Pugh
Our very own, Tom 'TC' Cobb's son, Lonnie, passed away on Sept 1st.
 He was just 45 years of age. 

To help with final expenses, we are having a Dart Run on Saturday Sept 6th. Please meet at Post 148 at 10:00AM for Registration with a 10:30 AM KSU.

 Please come out and support the Cobb Family.

Please note ... CHANGE to the RIDE LIST:
1: Mango Jo's
2: Riverview Moose
3: VFW 8108
4: Fox and Hounds
5: AMVETS 44
 Mango Jo's
 Riverview Moose
 VFW 8108
 Fox and Hounds